09/01/2018 – Ver. 65 – Export of Reactions in Foundation, RoofRox Connections

In the latest version of the software we have added the following new features:

  • Export reactions in foundation: the user can now export the actions at the base of the structure. According to each load and load combination, it will be possible to export the actions, in csv format, both as forces at the midpoint of each wall and as distributed forces along the length of the walls. This export, together with that of the geometry of the foundation, will be useful for designing the foundation with a dedicated software.
  • RoofRox connections added: the user can now select the connections from a larger database. The connections produced by RoofRox which have been added to the internal database are: hold-down, double hold-down, timber to concrete angle brackets, timber to timber angle brackets, punched metal plates and fasteners.
  • Bug fixing and small improvements