31/05/2021 – Ver. 84 – New graphic functions (dynamic input, possibility to edit the vertices of the floors), addition of Schillinger XLAM panels, added the concrete anchors archive, improved the verifications of the concrete anchors, updated connection interfaces and added the possibility to import polylines in dxf

In the latest version of the software we added these new features:

  • Dynamic input: thanks to the introduction of the dynamic input it is now possible to draw the structural elements in a simple and intuitive way by entering the length of the element and the angle with respect to the main axes.
  • Possibility to edit the vertices of the floors: the new feature is now available that allows you to modify, add or delete the coordinates of the points that identify the floor element.
  • Added Schillinger XLAM panels to the software archives.
  • Added the concrete anchors archive relating to mechanical and chemical anchors.
  • Updated connection definition interfaces.
  • Improved checks of concrete anchors: the verifications relating to mechanical and chemical anchors are now performed on the group of concrete anchors, with the possibility for the user to edit the value of the characteristic resistance and the relative safety coefficient.
  • Bug fixing and small improvements.